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House culture slow sour . Aged in a red wine barrel. this is the last variant of our Weizenbock collab with homebrewer Ryan Stansbury. Fermented with our own house captured and propigated sour culture, this beer is very sour yet smooth and rich as the malt softens and the expressive wild culture throws off lots of fruit notes. No fruit was added, yet it exhibits notes of passionfruit, sour cherry, and black plums.

Purgatory to Paradise Belgian Dubbel

Fruity esters hit you on the aroma with notes of bubblegum and pear with soft spice notes from our yeast that resemble coriander and black pepper. Moderate malt with toasted bread and golden raisins support the fermentation profile

Break The Wheel Nut Brown

Nutty, caramel, crackers, biscuits and moderate fruity esters are expressed in this traditional English-style brown ale (no nuts added to the beer). This beer is the true counter culture beer. 5.4% ABV

Serpentine Solitude

13% ABV 15 IBUs

Color: Light Brown, a bit hazy./ Finish: Raisin, dried fruits, sherry, bourbon, caramel, vanilla, hints of oaks.

This is 2017’s Hell For Society Quad aged in a 3rd use Willet Bourbon Barrel. The 3rd use imparts more of a neutral aging characteristic with hints of bourbon & oak rather than being overpowering. This beer is complex and will get more enjoyable if you let it warm a bit. together to make for a pleasant, smooth experience.

Cereal Keller II

5.3% ABV 25IBUs

Color: Glowing Yellow, hazy (unfiltered), pale white head/ Finish: Creamy and grainy with hints of lemon and floral hops / Hops: Horizon, Hersbrucker

We took our Germantown Pilsner and packaged a few kegs right off the fermenter to share this unique beer with our customers. Grainy and cereal-like with hints of floral hops and a light bitterness, this beer is an unfiltered and partially lagered pilsner. Easy to drink with a bit more body and malt complexity than a refined Pilsner. Great with brunch!

Smoke & Cinder Smoked Porter

5.8%ABV 33IBU

Color: Black, nearly opaque with a tan head / Finsh: Smoky sweet, hints of chocolate and caramel; clean/Hops: Brewer’s Gold, Fuggle

Last year’s Atlanta Cask Ale winner for classic style, this smoked porter is smooth and rich but finishes clean leaving you lingering for more. Great for ushering in the cooler fall weather. We used cherrywood smoked malt to impart the smoke aroma and flavor.

Melt Your Face IPA

Tasting Notes: Floral, piney, grapefruit, wood.

This Old School IPA is the ‘anti-juice’. All Columbus hops in this brew will melt your face like the 90’s IPAs of yore. this is an all Columbus IPA with enough malt to soften the blow of these extreme hops. Exfoliate your taste buds and have a true IPA.


6.7% ABV 77 IBUs

Hell for Society Quad

11% abv, 25 IBUs 

Color: Russet brown with garnet highlights/ Finish: Rich, toasty, soft yeast character. / Hops: Perle,Styrian Savinjski Golding

A decadent guilty pleasure, this quad has become an annual tradition here at Twain’s. Fantastic as a night cap, celebration or a beer to enjoy while engaging in conversation.

Ravana’s Grip Irish Extra Stout

Irish Extra Stout, 5.% abv, 34 IBUs

A characterful stout with creamy coffee, bitter chocolate, caramel, toffee and toasted crackers. Just in time for everyone’s favorite Irish Holiday. This beer gets smoother, richer and more complex as it warms, so give it time if you can!

Austria-Thirsty Vienna Amber Ale

This brilliantly deep amber, almost red lager delivers a drinkable beer with lots of malt flavor. Hops balance the malty sweetness but not to excess. This toasty, malty and creamy lager is just the thing for the cold winter months. 5.4% ABV

11th Hour APA

5.5% ABV 34 IBUs Notes: Bright citrus hop nose with tropical hop aromas of passionfruit, guava and mango; bready malt, clean finish It’s back! It’s back! Our flagship 11th Hour is hopped like an IPA but drinks like a Pale Ale.