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Comb Over Belgium Amber

Our River Sunset Amber went rogue and fermentation gave off esters similar to that of Belgian yeast. Notes of banana, strawberry, green apple, clove, and pepper make this beer all too enjoyable. While this beer started off with an American tilt, it ended up closer to a Russian Amber than we hoped.


5.4 % ABV

Slide Rule Pale Ale

Slide Rule Pale Ale taps in at 6.6%. Bordering on IPA This robust pale has rich nose of honey tangerine and grapefruit. Smooth mouthfeel with a punch of citrus hops and a pithrusy dry lingering finish.

Cocoa Gingerbread Stout

This single batch vintage ale pours black in color and has the familiar gingerbread spice notes with candied ginger and hints of vanilla, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. There is a soft and subtle chocolatey undertone that marries with the creamy mouthfeel and bready malt. Get this beer while you can in order to usher in the holiday season.  Limited release

6.9% ABV

50 Shades of Black IPA

This beer style goes by many names: the oxymoronic “Black IPA” (India PALE Ale), Cascadian Dark Ale or American Black Ale. Regardless of what you call it, there is a softer more rounded hop character to this than a typical IPA. Moderate citrus notes pair with a touch of dark toasted bread while the creamy mouthfeel really softens the perceived bitterness.


6.9% ABV

Changing the Guard

Changing the Guard Oatmeal Stout starts with a waft of black coffee, a touch of apple fruitiness and a deep toasted bread note. Hints of dark chocolate with a soft smooth creaminess from the oats and a light earthiness from the hops. The finish is semi-dry with a touch of dark dried fruits: dates, figs and raisin lingering.  6.1% ABV.

Criminology IPA

This aggressive IPA packs a punch with hop flavors of grapefruit, tangerine, and orange with a hint of ripened tropical fruit finishing off with grapefruit zest at the back palate. There is a spicy malt undertone with a toasty and bready backbone. This IPA has a crisp, dry finish with a touch of bitter bite. 7.1% ABV.

Manifesto Mild

This smooth English Mild was brewed with English Maris Otter malt and East Kent Golding hops, and was fermented with an English ale yeast. A touch of Belgian Special B malt was added to the grain bill to give the Manifesto a little extra color and flavor, and notes of toast, toffee, and subtle forest berries come though in this session ale.   4.9%ABV

Twain’s Tonic Ale

Light, crisp and refreshing, this ale was inspired by the classic Gin & Tonic cocktail, and was brewed with blue Juniper berries and lemon peel.  5.2% ABV.