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Austria-Thirsty Vienna Amber Ale

Our first from the “Alternative Facts Series” of beers; an ale version of a Vienna Lager. This beer is light in body and highly drinkable. Vienna style beer is rich in toasty malt without being heavy or too sweet. A low bitterness is just enough to support the malt. Austria-Thirsty finishes on the dry side with floral hops refreshing the palate. 5.7% ABV

Cheer & Regard Irish Foreign Extra Stout

A velvety smooth mouthfeel pairs with a moderate fruity ester profile; caramel, raisin, biscuit, chocolate and coffee notes follow. This stout is a farewell tribute to Chef Savannah, wishing her all the best and great food too! 7.2% ABV

Buffalo Bourbon Brown

Using our Chestnut Brown Ale as a base, this beer is infused with Buffalo Trace Bourbon. The bourbon accents of oak, vanilla, and caramel go great with the chocolate and nuttiness of the brown ale. Moderate fruitiness from fermentation softens the alcohol and the two really compliment each other. 6.7% ABV

Overt Hops Double IPA

Made with 6 pounds of hops per barrel (1 pound per 5 gallons), this double IPA showcases an array of hop character – Pine, resin, grapefruit, orange and tangerine all pop through. The malt is rich with toasted bread flavors. While bitterness is high, it is clean and does not linger.  Dedicated to Brewer Mike’s home-brew club, the Covert Hops Society.  8.6% ABV

Mistress of Mischief Belgian Rouge

This artisanal Belgian amber ale has a candy-like sweetness and hints of caramel up front from the house-caramelized candi sugar while still managing to finish very dry. The yeast has provided a complex array of esters and phenols for the aroma – pear, banana, apple, apricot, clove and pepper.  7.8%ABV

Celebrated Jumping Frog IPA

Celebrated Jumping Frog IPA, 6.7%

This IPA pays homage to some of the Northern California IPAs that are ripe with pine and resiny hop aroma but supported with a touch of grapefruit on the nose. The malt is restrained to allow the hops to shine and finishes medium dry with a firm bitterness that is noticeable but does not linger.  70 IBUs

11th Hour APA

11th Hour APA, 6.0%

This American Pale Ale was our head brewer’s flagship beer as a homebrewer. Light toasty malt backs a bright hop character full of tangerine, mango and pineapple with hints of grapefruit. Is it juicy? Yes, yes it is.