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Crisp Cross Pale Ale

This single hop British Pale Ale features all British malts and the unique UK Brambling Cross Hops.  After fermentation, this pale ale was cold conditioned for a month to give it an extra crisp finish.  This Daddy Mac will make you jump, jump!! “..make you jump, jump” Mark Twain (maybe, I have no proof, but he probably did)

4.8% ABV

Manifesto Mild

This smooth English Mild was brewed with English Maris Otter malt and East Kent Golding hops, and was fermented with an English ale yeast. A touch of Belgian Special B malt was added to the grain bill to give the Manifesto a little extra color and flavor, and notes of toast, toffee, and subtle forest berries come though in this session ale.   4.9%ABV

Criminal Sin IPA

A rich juicy IPA, beautiful orange in color, with a wonderful fruity nose.  Six malts and six hops, with a good dose of Citra and Galaxy, and Amarillo hops were used in the brewing of this wickedly good beer.  6.1% ABV

“ delicious as the less criminal forms of sin”  M. Twain