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Ginger in the Rye

This golden rye ale has been infused with fresh ginger root.  Pouring a golden copper with a bright white head, this ale is smooth and crisp with a pleasant spice.

Beggar’s Barleywine

This rich barleywine is bold with great body and aroma.  Nuts, sweet toffee, and dark fruit are at the forefront in this decadent treat!

“..the coat of arms of the human race ought to consist of a man with an axe on his shoulder proceeding to a grindstone.” M. Twain, A Biography.

One and One Session IPA (Pale Malt & Amarillo)

One-and-One Session IPA Series is a single hop and single malt session IPA series. Our fourth batch features 100% Pale Malt and 100% Amarillo Hops.  It’s light, dry and crisp, and presents a lovely aroma and flavor reminiscent of pink grapefruit with hints of bubblegum.  4.8% ABV

Four Count Pale Ale

Bright orange with a white head.  Earthy hop nose with citrus peeking through.  The malt backbone supports the body and compliments the earth and citrus hop flavors.  5.9% ABV

“When angry count to four, when very angry, swear.”  Pudd’nhead Wilson’s Calendar

Sawyer’s American Wheat

Glowing golden-orange with an off white head.  Wheat with an edge of spice on the nose.  Excellent mouthfeel delivers a mild fruity sweetness with a pleasant hop crispness that carries through to the next sip.  4.8% ABV.

“People are different.  And it is the best way.” Tom Sawyer, Detective

Messipi Nut Brown Ale

A malt lovers ale, highlighted by a toasted nutty flavor.  Notes of sweet toffee and caramel, with sublte roast and coffee undertones.  5.7% ABV.

“Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates.”  M. Twain

Blushing Ape India Red Ale

“Man is the only animal that blushes, or needs to.”  -Following the Equator

Red hued deliciousness, bold and balanced, with a wonderful mouthfeel.  Simcoe, Citra, and  Zythos hops produce a bright tropical fruit and citrus aroma, and a rich flavor.  Oatmeal in the mash adds a silkiness to this beer’s texture. 6.6% ABV.


Criminal Sin IPA

A rich juicy IPA, beautiful orange in color, with a wonderful fruity nose.  Six malts and six hops, with a good dose of Citra and Galaxy, and Amarillo hops were used in the brewing of this wickedly good beer.  6.7% ABV

“ delicious as the less criminal forms of sin”  M. Twain

River Sunset Amber

A smooth amber session ale with a complex malt base that is complimented by the use of Citra, Australian Galaxy, and Australian Summer hops.  This nice clean ale finishes with a hint of bright hop.  5.7%  ABV