Support Craft Beer’s growth in Georgia.


Enjoy the beer you drink at Twain’s?  If you would like to buy beer to-go from us, please consider contacting your GA House Representative and Senator regarding legislation HB 314 currently introduced to allow growler (1/2 gallon) sales at establishments such as ours.  You can find contact info for your elected officials at

Something as simple as “We support the three-tier system in GA and feel that HB 314 will result in greater exposure to craft beer.  In conjunction with increased distribution limits passed last year, passage of HB 314 will also result in benefits for wholesalers of craft beer in GA.”

Lawmakers have said recently that they have never heard from their constituents on this topic.  But, they do hear from wholesalers (distributors) every day.  Please help so that you can enjoy our beer at home and make GA the relevant craft beer state that it deserves to be.  Thanks!